"Promoting Awareness of Generation Disparities in LGBTIQA+" 
by Ivy Vélez

Ivy Vélez

     Saturday, July 17
  1:30pm - 3:00pm EST

Ivy Vélez is a grassroot Latina Deaf Lesbian Community Advocate and was born the oldest daughter of Deaf Parents who are both from Puerto Rico and works as a Statewide Coordinator for

the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Supports at the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) serving individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and Master of Science degree in Organizational, Management and Leadership. She has worked in human services for over 35 years and developed specialized consultations, staff training and program/process evaluations focusing on intercultural competences and on issues related to valuing diversity within culturally, racially, and linguistic diverse school settings, workplaces, and organizations locally, statewide, and nationwide. She also conducted and chaired effective cultural sensitivity workshops, numerous presentations, seminars, and panels addressing issues affecting Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers. Ivy lives in Marlborough, Massachusetts with her partner, Kim Ewing for 22 years and their 5 precious cats together. 

"Racism and LGBTQ+"

by Victorica Monroe

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Victoria Monroe

        Saturday, July 17
     3:30pm - 5:00pm EST

Victorica Monroe (they/she) is a Black Deafblind genderqueer, currently an owner of the Monroe Pedagogy Company. The Company focuses on social change and justice in Deaf Education for all entities and levels. She brings a wealth of knowledge to address injustice and discuss different social change topics