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Love = Love (Embrace Life)
Amour = Amour (Embrasser le vie)

Michel Turgeon

RAD Workshop


José-Ovi Velasquez

" LGBTQUIA: ASL and Identification "

Date- Thursday, July 18, 2019

Time- 2:30pm

My presentation is about our identification where do you stand and which ASL do you use. We will focus on our privilege or opportunity. We will focus how to avoid a barrier from who we are. We will have some activities and see if you have plenty of accessible equally. You should write down what your primary identification is for yourself. I will have some activities that relates to privilege. We will share with our expression about our oppression at work, Deaf community, and other location. We need to stop our BARRIER!!

" The Greatest Misconception:
LGBTQI vs Religion "

Date- Friday, July 19, 2019

Time- 2:30pm


Taniel Stamatovic Wood

We scratch our head with puzzled why religious folks have so much fear that even cause some parents to disown their LGBTQI teenagers or refuse to attend a same-sex wedding. Also, we hear the anti-LGBTQI political news daily. I will explain where the deep fear-based is coming from due to my past experience with the fundamentalist church, where I have had been spiritually abused. I later discovered, through unclobbering, that It is astonishing that there are only 6 verses out of 31,000 biblical verses, which has routinely been taken out of context to attack on LGBTQI folks. Eventually, I came out as a LGBTQI individual. The right tools of information will be given on how you build your own inner shield when you face an anti-LGBTQI message brought up by a religious person as well as to clarify the greatest misconception so we can be resourcefully aware.


Paul Kiel

" Deaf Advocacy For the 21st Century:
How can you be your own best advocate? "

Date- Thursday, July 18, 2019

Time- 1:00pm

To Learn to use social media for advocacy on access to services and programs for the Deaf and to establish network. To sharpen your advocacy skills to form alliance to protect our ways of life and get communication access.

To improve your health and safety by changing factors in the community. To provide a solution for each factor in rules and laws, cultural or social “norms”, exposure to media and framing our stories for access. To gain your new skills in expressing your thoughts, wants, and needs to everyone around you.


" Queer Clinic "

Date- Friday, July 19, 2019

Time- 1:00pm

Let's talk about how to play safer during sex, where you meet people, and the kind of sex people are having. PrEP, consent, condoms, and even Lube! Come talk dirty at The Q Austin's queer, gender, and kink-affirming Sex Ed class. We’ll dispel common myths and misconceptions about all the fun things we do with our bodies.

Mike May & Nathan Pham

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