Cancellation Policy

 If you wish to be refunded before May 31, 2019, there will be charge a $100.00 processing fee.
● A cancellation notice must be sent in writing and postmarked on or before May, 31, 2019.
● No e-mail cancellation notices will be accepted.
● No refunds after May 31, 2019.
● Full refunds will be issued for the following reasons with documented proof
      (a Doctor’s Letter or Death Certificate) 

      1.  Sudden medical condition which prevents travel;​​

      2.  Death of the purchaser/partner;

      3.  Death in the family of purchaser/partner.

Transfer of Tickets Policy before June 30, 2019

Trying to sell your ticket to someone else?
Read on!


   ● Both combo and individual tickets are Non-Refundable.
   ● If any combo/ ticket holder wishes to sell to another person,
       this must be done before June 30, 2019:

       1. Both Seller and Buyer’s names and home address along with an email addresses. 

       2. Stating the buyer agrees to pay directly to the Seller. (RAD will not be responsible to reimburse.)

       3. There must be 2 clearly typed or written letters stating you’re selling and both letters must be
            individually notarized.


Notarized letters to be mailed to: 

RAD Treasurer, David O'Toole
3184 S. Heather Gardens Way #211
Aurora, CO  80014

   ● Upon arrival at the conference, the new Combo/Individual Ticket holder must provide 
      his/her a notarized confirmation letter and ID card for proper verification to Registration
  ● NO TRANSFERS are accepted after June 30,  2019.

After you submit your registration PDF to

Payment choose:

1.) CashApp:  

Debit Card Only (No Fee)


3.) Make Check or Money Order payable to:
      David O'Toole RAD 2019 Conference 
      3184 S. Heather Gardens Way #211
      Aurora, CO  80014

2.) Paypal:

The Current Combo is until June 30, 2019.

Individual Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 2.36.18 AM.png


Register JPG.png

Exhibit Booth
- Vendor Only



Sponsor JPG.png

-  Presenter Only

Workshop JPG.png

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